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Master Your Time & Unlock Your Hidden Business Revenue


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To Work Less and Earn More, Giving You the Freedom

to Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

and Embrace True Happiness Without Feeling Overwhelmed

or Burnt Out.

Discover the Secrets to Time Mastery and Income Generation 


Paula Wingate

Is this you:

  • Constant Firefighting: You’re always putting out fires, dealing with one urgent issue after another, leaving no time for strategic planning or growth.
  • Drowning in Work: The never-ending workload feels like a tidal wave, with every task piling up faster than you can manage, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and helpless.
  • Feeling Useless: Despite all your efforts, you feel ineffective and unproductive, questioning your abilities and the value you bring to your business.
  • Feeling Isolated And Lonely: Business demands are leaving you feeling isolated and disconnected from friends and family.
  • Overwhelmed: You’re constantly pulled in a million directions, working tirelessly but seeing little to no reward.
  • Stuck: You feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of work, unable to find a way out from under the pressure.
  • Desperate: You desperately need a break, but every time you step away, your business starts to fall apart.
  • Burnt Out: High stress, anxiety, and burnout are taking a toll on your mental and physical health. Every muscle in your body feels riddled with intense pressure.
  • No ‘Me’ Time: You can’t remember the last time you had a moment for yourself, let alone enjoyed quality time with loved ones.
  • Constantly Worrying: You’re always worried about the next deadline, the next crisis, the next challenge.
  • Guilt-Ridden: You feel guilty for not being able to give your best to your business or your personal life.
  • Frustrated: You’re frustrated that despite all your hard work, your business isn’t growing as expected.
  • Unappreciated: You feel unappreciated and taken for granted by both your employees and clients.
  • Exhausted: You’re physically and emotionally exhausted, running on empty with no end in sight.
  • Hopeless: You’ve lost hope that things will ever get better, feeling stuck in an endless loop of stress and struggle.
  • Feeling Not Good Enough: No matter how hard you work, you constantly feel like you’re not meeting expectations and are falling short of your own and others’ standards.
  • Lost in Busyness: Despite being busy, you feel lost and directionless, overwhelmed by tasks but unsure of what truly matters or where to focus your efforts.
LP Master Your Time, Unlock Your Hidden Business Revenue
LP Master Your Time, Unlock Your Hidden Business Revenue

Spending 12 minutes 

planning a day can 

eliminate 2 hours 

of wasted time…

Guess What…

You are not alone and you know what…

You are good enough!!!

What You’ll Learn:

Time Mastery Techniques: Discover one proven strategy that will help you maximise your productivity and reclaim valuable hours in your day

Income Generation Secrets: Unlock the hidden revenue streams that are waiting for you right now, and learn how to turn your efforts into financial success

Time and Income Mindset Mastery: Become aware of what is holding you back and start your journey of developing the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, so you can achieve your dreams with confidence and clarity

The 4 day life changer – A day by day look ahead

Are You In The Business of Making Money or Losing Money?
Day 1

 How to reclaim your time and transform your life: 

Let’s help you to stop running around like a lunatic, saying you don’t have time, whilst reducing your stress, anxiety and worry about cash flow through my proven framework.

Day 2

 Two Life Changing Time Hacks that will dramatically reduce your working week, your stress, achieve your work life bliss, and help you feel amazing:

I am going to share with you this proven strategy that has catapulted my clients earnings and reduced their working week.

Day 3
Maximise your freedom, unlock your hidden earnings and understand what you are really worth: 

Learn about the “new rich” so you can live the life you really want to live. 

Day 4

Learn the key steps and daily actions to unlock your hidden earnings by leveraging your strengths and experience to develop your own comprehensive cash flow strategy that aligns with your values and integrity.


You’ll leave this session feeling inspired, motivated and equipped with the tools you need to work less and earn more in a way that feels incredible and generates results.

Maximise your time,  income and abundance.

Be fully present with your family.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Time and Finances?

“This 4 day experience was a game-changer for me. I saved 30 hours every week and found new ways to grow my revenue” 
– Jacqui Doig
“I never realised how much time I was wasting until I attended this event. Now, I have more time for myself and my business is thriving” 

– Dr Wendy Sneddon

 I’m Paula Wingate
Founder of Influential Minds

7 Figure Business Coach for 
high-achieving women and companies.


If you’re curious about whether it’s really possible to live a masterful life, even at a time like this, my mission is to help you do just that.

LP Master Your Time, Unlock Your Hidden Business Revenue
Are you in the business of wasting time and losing money 
Being purposely productive and making money?

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Don’t let another day go by feeling overwhelmed and underpaid. Join me for this life-changing event and discover the keys to mastering your time and unlocking unlimited income potential.

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