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Business Time Mastery Unleashed In 90 Days

Leverage Every Moment for Maximum Impact And 

Slash 150 Hours off Your Business Tasks

Are you in the business of being a busy fool or in the business of being productive?


Did you know that 82% of Business Owners lack an effective system for managing their time, leading to 51% of their workday being allocated to tasks that make them no money.

As a business owner, is burnout and stress holding you back?

Are you:

  • Overcommitting and neglecting personal time which is leading to burnout and increased stress levels, negatively impacting your overall well-being, decision-making abilities and high performance?
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, both physically and emotionally, from the demands of running your business?
  • Finding yourself neglecting your personal well-being, sacrificing sleep, exercise, and downtime in favour of work-related tasks and responsibilities?
  • Noticing a decline in your decision-making abilities, creativity, and overall performance, despite putting in long hours and effort into your business

How do I Supercharge my Business and reclaim 150 hours in 90 days?
LP Time Mastery Unleashed In 90 Days

Are you sick of feeling tired, limited personal time, constant stress, 

lack of freedom to do what you want to do, strained personal relationships, 

falling out of love with your business and burnout?

Join Our Time Mastery Unleashed In 90 Days

Leveraging Every Moment for Maximum Impact and Save 150 Hours of Working Time

In 90 days, we will show you how to save a minimum of 150 business working hours with ease by having more control on time? 

We will focus on;

  • Everyone has the same 24 hours, why are you finding time a challenge?
  • What are your time distractions?
  • How many marathons are you running each day?
  • What’s your mindset blocker on time?
  • Why is time an illusion
  • Who subconsciously controls your time?
  • The Business Owners Mindset on Time = Leadership + Leverage + Delegation = Working Sharp
  • The 10.1 payoff that helps you save 10 hours for every 60 minutes you work ON your business.
  • Time management strategy that will reduce overwhelm and over working
  • How much do you earn per hour as a business owner
  • How many operations hours does it take you to run your business
  • How to make 80% of your revenue with just 20% of your time
  • How many days do we have left
  • Who are your time thiefs in your life
  • Who do you have in your life that doesn’t respect their own time in your life
  • How do you stop yourself from times wasting and procrastinating
  • How do you prevent overwhelm
  • The power of the one thing
  • Proactive V’s Reactive
  • Power Hours
  • What tasks drain you and boost you
  • Brain Dump
  • Why you are addicted to stress, working long hours and love to feel needed

Spending 12 minutes 

planning a day can 

eliminate 2 hours 

of wasted time…

LP Time Mastery Unleashed In 90 Days

Join Us Now


Reclaim Your Time

What Is Included….

  • Complete a time audit to understand what is causing you to feel over whelmed with your tasks so we can help you reduce the pressure that you are feeling.
  • Choose between a monthly 3 hour face to face group session or virtual group session led by Paula Wingate. 
  • 60 minute one to one monthly coaching session
  • Comprehensive Workbook for use during sessions and self-study.
  • 2 course lunch at Cameron House Hotel (Not included in the virtual group session)
  • Member of our Supportive Community which is an amazing safe space to share and learn from your peers.
  • Track your progress and monitor your journey towards changing your life
  • Participate in our 90 day time challenge and slash 150 hours from your working demands.

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time….

LP Time Mastery Unleashed In 90 Days